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Videokaffe is a contemporary art collective that thrives in it's interdisciplinary and international background. Drawing from engineering, science, technology, crafts, sounds and arts, Videokaffe explores and aims towards an inclusive, interactive and process oriented experience, while manufacturing a unique product.

The collaboration is sparked by the members' desires to create innovative, challenging and transformative art by learning from each other, building on each other's talents and sharing information.

service 1


New media art served with a flavor of coffee.

service 2


We Create Modern, Interactive Sculputures with Twist

service 3


Discussion about open source and green energy

Have You Seen our Works?

project 1

Spiral Galaxy

ArtistMark Andreas
Spiral Galaxy is a solar kinetic sculpture made of ash, carbon fiber,and a photovoltaic power system. Spiral Galaxy explores time mechanisms and there force in nature. This sculptureʼs spiral arms open and close in a continues cycle. The cycleʼs speed is dependent on the amount of light the sculpture receives in any given environment .

2.2 m X 2.5 m X .25 m

project 2

Music for someone else, but not for you, 2012

WorkComposition, Sound object, Interactive
ArtistDennis Tan
MaterialsMusic box, 12 meters composition paper, Size Variable

Composition, Sound object, (audience participation) Music box, 12 meters composition paper Size; Variable

project 3

building up

WhereTitanik Gallery/ Turku, Finland
Materialsmixed media

workshop at Titanik gallery from 23th till 25th of July 2013 between 12 - 18 o´clock. - the New Media Laboratory is open for interested audience to work with the artists on developing their artworks.

project 4


Location N.Y. Wassaic, Art festival
Date 2014
Work transatlantic dialog, spiral galaxy, video console

Videokaffe worked intensive two weeks in Saari residency during the summer 2014. Work that was made during the residency was shown in The Wassaic Art summer festival near NYC. This summer staright after the residency five of the members was flying to NYC and were presenting four of our interactive works in the festival.

project 5


ArtistAndrew Dimirjian
Skillsmaterials, etc...

Extra details here...

project 6

Hand on a wire, 2012

ArtistThomas Westphal
DateJuly 2013
Skillsmaterial, etc...

Extra details of the work....

project 7

at Ilmiö

Learning curveStudies about ...

About the work

project 8

Video console

ArtistAndrew Demirjian, Olli Suorlahti, Mark Andreas, Sebastian Ziegler
Date 2014
Materials used wood, monitor, old tv interface, arduino, mac mini, program: MAX msp


project 9

V.ed. 9.9 video editor

ArtistAndrew Demirjian, Olli Suorlahti, Mark Andreas, Sebastian Ziegler
Date 2014
Materials wood, monitor, old tv interface, arduino, mac mini, program: MAX msp


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    Spiral Galaxy


  • project 2

    Music for someone else, but not for you


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  • project 5

    Twighlight Reds


  • project 6

    Hand on a Wire


  • project 7



  • project 8



  • project 9



Who We Are?

Our team comes from around the globe and from many aspects of design.

We discover things and build bridges. The collaboration is sparked by the members' desires to create innovative, challenging and transformative art by learning from each other, building on each other's talents and sharing information.

team 1

Sebastian Ziegler

Artist, Builder, Storyteller

Sebastian Ziegler is a artist who is trying to fix a bridge between analog and digital. Visual poesy and interaction and all in real time that what is catching him. Collaborating is one pattern of his working, to build something bigger and more unknown to what one alone could have dreamed of. He is a visionary organizer who is seeking to increase the surprise ability of himself and others.

team 1

Thomas Westphal

Sculptor, Mechanical/ electronics design

German born artist Thomas Westphal has been studying in Germany, Netherlands, Canada and Finland. He holds a Ma in Fine Arts and is living and working since 2000 in Helsinki Finland. Throughout the last years he has been working on video kinetic installations with a focus on human anatomy and movement. His inspiration originates from the fringe areas of performance driven activities. His video objects can be found in various Museum and State collections and are on regular display in private and group shows in and outside of Europe.

team 1

Mark Andreas

Kinetic sculptor

Is a Kinetic sculptor working and living in the United States. Mark has gained success by developing his self titled, "Reactive Sculpture Series". Borrowing from extensive experience as a metalsmith and shipwright. Andreas's work has informed and refine technical skill/physical craftsmanship inherent. His work physically explores the concept of time through transformation. Currently Andreas has been integrating solar energy as a power source for his work.

team 1

Jack Balance

Video, Performance, Electronics

Jack Balance stands one foot deep in messing with moving pictures including shooting and directing to photography and design. While other stands firmly in ever-changing noise of performance art, electronics, tinkering and bending the laws of physics.

team 1

Olli Suorlahti

Electronic engineer, Designer, Syntheziser Enthuast

Olli Suorlahti / OLEGTRON is a professional visual/new media artist, art and technology teacher, musician and electronics designer who gets his inspiration from technologies and science among other things. He works mostly with recycled materials, building machines that produce or manipulate sound, light, image, movement, air and fluids. Suorlahti is an original member of art groups KOELSE, KOKOMYS and Videokaffe, having worked in numerous art projects, workshops, concerts etc. around Finland and Europe since the beginning of 2000's.

team 1

Jenny Mild

Video, Performance, Tinkering

Jenny Mild excels in people skills. Her passion is the learning of human functions, their deepest thoughts, what makes humans do the choices in their lives. As a counterweight for people skills she finds herself at home in solitude of video edits and in the smell of welding fumes and burning metal. She also does performances in music and other area.

team 1

Henrik Mikander


Henrik is just another Low light action portraiture, music and documentary photographer.

team 1

Andrew Demirjian

Electronic engineer

Andrew Demirjian is an artist who focuses on the intersection of non-fiction and new media. His work combines computer programming with audio/video production to create experimental documentaries that explore relationships between psychology and time. He received his MFA in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College and teaches documentary film, screen studies and interactive media at Monmouth University.

team 1

Heini Aho

Fine Arts

HEINI AHO has graduated 2003 from Arts academy of Turku and continued her master studies in Arts Academy of Helsinki 2009. Heini has been recently working with installation, including video and performance. Spatial constructions often open up fully only from a specific angle of viewing, their three-dimensionality flattening into a picture and revealing the hidden narrative of the piece. She redirects attention to the small wonders and events in everyday life.

team 1

Erno Pystynen

Micromechanic, prototypist, designer

As an observer of a reality, Erno works to describe the physical world through experimentation, visual and vocal interpretation. Working with versatile projects in the past he is prepared to take on challenges in the future whether its mechanical, electronical, virtual or even emotional. Fast to light up on new ideas and interested to throw the fire around freely. Designer by heart, clocksmith by design, artist by nature.

team 1

Dennis Tan

Mechanical/ electronics design

Dennis Tan is a sound artist who deals with universal themes and the communication between individuals and society. His work is conceptual and influenced by his personal experiences. The impulse to develop sound body resulting from his interest in the sound and the material in the literal sense. His works convey "stories" about the ideas of music and instrument and its analysis are also marked by hidden humor.

team 1

Artturi Elovirta

Interaction designer, Futurist

True electronic enthuast, Artturi has worked in many fields of design: electronics, music, installations, art and interaction. Artturi is one of the original founders of Turku based electronic society KOKOMYS and is active member of BOOST, X-RUST, ARTE and many other projects that he gives his wild ideas to. He writes blogs like FUNKTIÅ and SKATRONIX and does VJing (VJ TURU SANOMA). In freetime he loves to do electronic music in his LIL ILL Studio or teaching her little daughter Helmi how to code and swim.

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